Joseph: Italian singer, pianist, keyboardist, composer, DJ. He began his musical studies

when he was six years old, discovering his passion for the piano and singing at an early age.

Thanks to his time spent with the PICCOLI CANTORI DI MILANO (Young Singers of Milan), he

performed alongside several musical legends, including Adriano Celentano,

Ivana Spagna, Enrico Ruggeri, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and more. As a voiceover artist,

he lent his voice to brands like Shell, Danone, Lavazza, Coca Cola and many more. As a

composer and musician he has collaborated with composers like, Augusto Martelli,

Fio Zanotti, Vince Tempera, Franco Fasano, Angelo Valsiglio, Piero Cassano, Valeriano

Chiaravalle, Silvio Amato, Ninny Carucci, and Vincenzo Draghi. When Joseph was 13, he became

a member of SIAE after passing the songwriter and composer exam, and continued his studies in

piano at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, Italy. He continued

his career in music and film and television by composing jingles and collaborating as a singer and

pianist/keyboardist for national Italian networks like Rai and Mediaset, in addition to composing for

theatrical productions.

In the last 15 years, he has specialized in live musical entertainment for exclusive events in

Europe and the United States.


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